Civil Dispute

Civil Dispute

Civil disputes are private cases in which a party is seeking recompense or remedy for scenarios outside of criminal law.

Civil disputes are governed by The Civil Procedure Code (CPC). They are mostly including property related disputes.

There are many types of civil disputes. Most commonly encountered are :

  • Personal injury/defamation
  •  Breach of contract
  •  Family law
  •  Property disputes
  •  Landlord and tenant disputes
  •  Workplace mediation
  •  Neighbour disputes
  •  Intellectual property disputes

Civil Lawyers will do the following legal service to individuals, companies and organizations for above types of civil disputes.

  •  Negotiate settlement of legal disputes,
  •  Investigate legal data,
  •  Formulate legal briefs
  •  Filing a legal appeal in a higher court on behalf of clients.